Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Merry Christmas!

It's the day after and what a day! Hope everyone had as great a day as we did in the Stone household. The kids are getting older but still get excited for Christmas. I do too. I get excited for the giving and the getting as I did as a child. I try to remember the spiritual meaning of Christmas and I do. I must admit that I still like the stuff, too. Santa brought me a Weber Kettle Rotisserie for my grill. It's mild outside so I hope to do a turkey today. The kids got the video games, guitar amp and iPod they wanted. They had a great day. The big hit was the Guitar Hero game for the Sony Playstation with 2 guitars. My oldest son logged in about 14 hours on it. My wife cried when she finally opened one of her gifts. I reserved a Magic Kingdom backstage tour for the Friday before Lotusphere. My daughter took a printout of the description and stuffed a big box with newspaper. My wife had no idea. I also got here a Sony digital camera of her own.
Here's to the New Year and may all our dreams come true!
God Bless and Peace on Earth!

One of the tours that we have always wanted to do, but never have, is one of those Backstage Tours (or any of the ones at EPCOT). With the kids being older, maybe we can find the time now. I can't wait for you to blog that tour. And take lots of pictures!
I'm hearing and reading great reviews of this tour. We're excited. Unfortunatly, no pictures allowed and we have a brand new camera.
Last year I did the Keys to the Kingdom tour. Not sure if that is the one you are referring to. It was great. Resist the temptation to read too much about it, though, it might spoil some of the surprises! You really get your moneys worth.
That's the one. I've read a few reviews. Thanks for the advice and comment. We're really looking forward to this.
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