Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Merry Christmas from the Puppettude gang!

My daughter and youngest son participate in Puppettude at our church. We do puppet shows with a Christian attitude. They have a ball putting on the shows and the audience has a great time too. We put on two shows this past weekend at nursing homes. The first was at Valorie Manor and the second at Wolcott House. The people love to see the puppets and the kids perform. They clap and sing and want to hold the puppets after the show.(does my heart good too). One lady fell in love with one of my daughter's puppets and I thought we might not get her back. In this picture, my son is one of the lambs and my daughter is playing both haystacks. The song was "Happy Birthday, Jesus". As you can see, we pack'em in where ever we go. This Christmas season we did shows at 3 nursing homes and 1 daycare. Great job Puppettude!
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