Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Lotusphere session planning

I spent some time yesterday planning the sessions I'd like to attend at Lotusphere 2007. Ben Langhinrichs
has posted his annual planning database and it's a great tool for this. I took a first pass and I'd say overall that I'm pleased at what I was able to schedule. The annual problem is that many sessions I want to attend have conflicts with other sessions. This year, I'm concentrating on stuff I want to learn/focus for next year. Let's be real. The likelyhood of me getting an opportunity to work with the latest and greatest is slim. I'll focus on integration(web services, lei, MS Office and etc), Lotuscript, AJAX and web ui techniques. That should keep me plenty busy. I hope the opening session gives me all I need to know about Hannover/Notes 8 because I most likely won't need to know much about that till the following year.
My first pass, I tried to review each time slot and set my schedule. Then I took a look by speaker and noticed a couple I missed. I went back in and adjusted. There is so much to choose that I'm sure I missed something on the first pass. I hope I don't run into someone during the show and they say, "Did you see So and So's session?" and my response is a "Oh, damn!"
I'll keep checking the list most likely right up to the day of the show.

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