Thursday, December 28, 2006


First rotisserie turkey on grill

I can't believe in late December I could be trying out my new rotisserie on the grill. It's been very mild this winter. I prepared the turkey outside with oil, salt, pepper and some rotisserie chicken spice. The cord is short on the motor and has a three prong plug. I first tried the placing the grill 20 feet from the house but discovered my extension cord did not work with 3 prongs. I gently moved the grill closer to the garage and used a shorter cord that fit. My wife hates the smoke. Once I got the grill going, it didn't smoke too bad. It was a 14lb turkey and cooked about 2 1/2 hours. I checked it with a thermometer and it was about 5 degrees close to finish. I should have taken it off then. Instead, I let it go another 15 minutes till it hit temperature. I should know better. The meat actually keeps cooking after you pull it off the heat. It came out a little dry but live and learn. It was fun and I like the even cooking on a rotisserie.

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