Thursday, November 16, 2006


Got my Neil Young cd, but it was a pain

I get up early on Tuesday to download the new Neil Young cd from iTunes. First, I notice it's $11.99. Huh? For 6 songs from 36 years ago? Granted that 2 of them are long jams but still, $11.99 for a download. Second, I notice the CLEAN tag added to each song. I don't want the CLEANED version. I'm 42 years old. I can handle a couple swears. I've just swore several times while viewing this selection. #@$%@! I decide to buy the cd on my way to work. I try Barnes & Noble thinking maybe they're open early. Nope. I go over to Walmart but then I'm thinking they're open but they'll most likely only have the clean version. They don't have it yet on the shelf. Big surprise. I'm so busy at work, I figure time will fly and I'll get it at lunch. I go to B&N again. They've got it hidden on the shelf and it's $18.99. Forget that. Aren't new releases suppose to be on sale? I got to FYE which used to be Strawberries and they have it for 13.99. Sold. The clerk there was funny and interested in my version of Neil Young's career and why I was excited about the release. Maybe I turned a young guy on some cool classic rock. Hey, they've got no cool bands of they're own, so why not? And as you may have guessed, there's no swears on the disc that I've noticed. The packaging sucks and adds nothing to the purchase. I should have downloaded it from iTunes in the first place for $11.99. Crooks that they are. Oh, yeah "Down By The River" kicks ass!

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