Sunday, October 29, 2006


Ubuntu 6.10 installed on old pc

I have two old HP Pavilion pc's taking up dusk. For a rainy Saturday, my wife and I decided to do some cleaning out of junk. I told her I'd format the hard drives(she didn't know what that meant). Before I did, I browsed over to the Ubuntu site and saw a new version released. I downloaded the image for pc's and started reading about the install. I got hooked into getting this up and running. A few hours later, my wife was wondering why it took so long to format a hard drive. The download takes a while at about 700mb. I tried a couple different sites for faster speed. Bad news is that the graphical install froze in the middle of the install. Says it need 192 mb of RAM. I have a little more than that. Anyway, I then downloaded the text version. The thing cranked for a long time. I went to the liquor store in between and it still was not finished. Figured this install required a couple beers. I was able to move some stuff for the wife during all the wait time. After several hours, I got it installed. It's pretty cool that it comes with OpenOffice, music programs, graphics and games. Would you believe I got hooked on Minesweeper and spent the better part of the afternoon listening to Grateful Dead on my iPod and playing games?

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