Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Torre's back next year for Yankees

Who else would want to put up with the crap in NY but Joe Torre? Joe's the right man for the job. I'm glad George understands that instead of firing managers like he used to. The press starts all these rumors just for the buzz. Now quit with the ARod bashing and get some starting pitchers who can shut down somebody in the playoffs. I knew when the season started the Yankees could make the playoffs with the pitching they had. I had my doubts before the season began that they could get past the first two rounds of the playoffs. Problem is, where they going to get the pitcher they need? If a teams got one, they're unlikely to give him up.

Why would you let a guy go who has taken you to the playoffs for 11 straight years and won 4 championships? Oh well, maybe we'll go farther next year...
Exactly ... it's a plot by the media to stir emotion up. Torre keeps them together though all the turmoil. He's the calm in the storm. It would be no contest if his pitchers could shut down some good teams.
I'm out for the weekend, but did you see this?


Cory Lidle was the pilot of that plane that crashed in NYC today... :(
This was on the news when I got home today from work. I'm in shock! News like this always puts sports in perspective. Cory would have been a great contributor to next year's team.
Very sad news...
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