Sunday, October 08, 2006


The team with the best pitching wins

It's now clearer than ever. I don't care how powerful an offensive lineup a baseball team has if you don't have dominant starting pitching. For all the money the Yankees spent in payroll, they're starting pitching stinks. It's time to overhall the starting pitching. Wang can stay and I'd even like Mussina to stay as a fifth starter. But please find a couple more starting pitchers we can win with in the playoffs. I don't think getting rid of ARod is the answer. He had a so-so year for his ability. Except for the captain, Jeter, they all stunk to lose this past playoff series. They should all buck up and give some of their paychecks back to sign some great pitchers. It would take some pressure off ARod if he were to lead the way. I know it would never happen but it's what they need to win next year. It'll be a long, cold winter.

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