Sunday, October 01, 2006


IBM Webcast - Using AJAX with Domino Web Applications

Last Thursday, I attended a free web seminar on AJAX and Domino. The presentation was 30 minutes long and drilled into a sample application using AJAX. I thought the presentation was excellent. This was easy to follow and gave me a clear understanding on how I could apply this technique. I went out to one of the examples the presenter recommended and got that example to work on a test server. I asked a question about the challenges of debugging this technique. I got the answer I expected. It can be tricky. He did mention the javascript debugging capability of Firefox which I've yet to try. I figured print statements would be the only way to go. I just checked to see if his example was posted and it's not yet. Anyway, this is a great starter example of AJAX and you should invest the 30 minutes if you have an interest in AJAX.
You can watch the replay here.

The Firebug extension for Firefox is extremely helpful for debugging AJAX traffic. Just be sure to disable it unless you are actively debugging a site.

Thanks for the tip, Sean. I'll give this a try.
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