Monday, October 02, 2006


Finished "High Fidelity"

Normally, I like to read a book and then see the movie. I've done the opposite on this one and "Band of Brothers". On a recommendation of a friend/co-worker, I rented the movie a while back. John Cusack and Jack Black are awesome in this movie. I think I'm mostly attracted to this movie/book simply for the music references. I like the Top 5 lists and the humor of it all. The book is based in North London unlike the film being in U.S. I enjoy the English humor. Some of the expressions I miss but it's ok because it doesn't spoil the fun. Rob is such a pathetic loser in a fun sort of way. He's 36 and an owner of a used record shop. He hires a couple of losers part-time and they work full time for the love of music. The story is mostly about Rob's love life or lack of. He goes into intimate detail of all his serious girlfriends. He even contacts them to see why they broke up with him. All this circles around his current girlfriend who's left him for someone else. It's your basic guy who can't deal with committment. The book is close to the movie but of course the book goes into tons of detail. I highly recommend them both.

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