Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Can the Yankees out bash everyone?

From reviews I've read or heard so far, everyone's picking the Yankees to go all the way this year. Usually, you need great starting pitching to go the distance. This is one area the Yankees are weakest. But, I can't remember a batting lineup as intimidating as this year's Yankee lineup now that they're healthy. Can the best offense beat playoff teams who will have great pitching? Last nights 8-4 win may be a preview but we'll see. I'll believe it when I see it. It's always been my belief that great pitching always beats great hitting. It will be fun to watch.

Yankees all the way!! We'll see if they can hold up. Should be a good series. Cool to see some teams in the playoffs that haven't been so hot in prior years like Dodgers, Tigers, and Athletics. People ride me bad about being a Yankees fan from SC!! My grandparents were fans, my dad's a fan, I'm a fan, and my kids will be fans of the greatest sports team ever! :)
I know the feeling. I'm right in the middle of Red Sox nation. Most of my co-workers are Red Sox fans and they're sulking. Not excited in the least. At least, I walked into work today with an excited Yankee fan. I had no parental influence on my sports teams so why not cheer for a winner?
I was also wondering. How many ex-Red Sox are in the playoffs?
Nomar, David Wells, Pedro(kind of), Johnny Damon, Mark Bellhorn, to name a few.
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