Friday, September 15, 2006


The Who Channel announced

Love my Sirius radio and it's only getting better. Yesterday, they announced a new channel dedicated to "The Who". They'll even play live broadcasts from the upcomming tour. I just love the variety of content on the satelite radio. I'm not a huge Who fan but I'm glad I'll have the choice and with no commercials. Just hurry up and give me my Grateful Dead channel and I'll be in heaven.

Details Here

Damn client blocks so your link isn't accessible to me. However, the channel is 10.

First the Stones and now The Who. Is this great, or what? :-)
I'm blocked too.
Sirius just keeps getting better. If I had to choose between a cell phone and my Sirius, the cell phone would be the first to go. I'd pay for Sirius any day first.
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