Tuesday, September 05, 2006


My study and exploration of XML and Domino

On the list of topics to learn more about, XML and Domino are at the top. The first source I'm going to study/review is contained in Ch. 46-54 of "Lotus Notes and Domino 6 Programming Bible" by Brian Benz and Rocky Oliver. I'm proud to say I have an signed copy. (Pil Sung, Rocky) I'll read through the material, run the examples and comment here.

Ch. 46 offers an intro to XML. The chapter explains how XML facilitates data integration. XML provides a transport to send and receive data in a common format that multiplatform applications can understand. XML may look like HTML because of the tag format but XML describes structured and unstructured data. HTML only tells the browser how to display data.
There is a specific structure fox XML consisting of Elements, Attributes, Text, Comments and Empty Elements. DXL is the format that Lotus has created to format Domino data in XML. They've created a DTD and Schema for DXL describing data formats and to insure data adheres to a predetermined format. I believe we've created enough acronyms to be a valid IT subject.:)

In an activity, we create an XML document from a Domino document by using the DXL Viewer utility in Domino Designer. They mention Parsing and Transforming XML and leave the details for later chapters.(Can't wait :) )

In the next chapter, we'll start to use some of the Domino Utilities for XML and play around with the supplied "Quote" database.

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