Saturday, September 02, 2006


I can do that in Notes

I like Julian's post promoting what most of us Notes developers already know. I often see applications in other platforms or hear my business partners with collaboration issues and I think to myself "I can do that in Notes". Makes me proud of the work I do and sad that many others don't know this capability exists in Notes. I want to do a presentation at work about all the electronic collaboration tools out there today. Only warning I would mention to Julian (I know he knows) is that not to promote Notes for applications that don't make sense for Notes. For example, relational database apps with high transactions are not suited for Notes. People like to use Notes for their development tool even when it does not make sense simply for it's rapid dev. platform(RAD), security and network capability. Anyway, just like the ad campaign says, Notes sure does a lot. Fun!

Let' say it together. I will never forget that Notes can leverage DB/2 now ;-)
I think the main problem with Notes/domino is that IBM needs to have more prof. people with skills about it... Nowdays, they study .NET or Java and don't know the power of Domino.
I think we need more people regardless of what you consider "professional". Notes/Domino is a niche platform so I doubt it fits in a college classroom. If you can program in Java or VB, you can learn Notes quickly. One of the strengths of Domino is the RAD capability. You can train a novice programmer to be very productive. If that person has business sense, I believe they can be successful in this platform.
Good JoB! :)
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