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Hannover promises Mail recall—For those times you wish you hadn’t hit “send"

In reviewing Ed Brill's recent post of 2 PHB whitepapers, one feature of the next release of Domino code-named Hannover jumped out at me, Mail Recall. I don't remember this feature being mentioned at all at this past Lotusphere. It's a feature I think we've all long gave up on. I remember reading how Outlook claims they have it, but it only works if the user has not already read the note.
Quote from the whitepaper:
"Mail recall—For those times you wish you hadn’t hit “send,” IBM intro-
duces the mail recall capability to Lotus Domino server. Users can recall sent
mail by simply finding a message in their “sent” view mail and clicking the
Mail Recall button. "

Can't wait.

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Curt, they did mention this at Lotusphere. I randomly get questions regarding this from users as well. I'm sure that this would only work if the note had not been read.

But, I wonder also how it will work with BlackBerry. The "unread" status can take a while sometimes to hit the mail server. And what if the user is on a local replica only and they replicate before the mail is recalled? There could be several "gotchas" to this... But it's good to have it since the majority of users won't fall into that category.
Thanks Chris for the correction. Either this was in some of the more detailed Hannover sessions that I did not attend or I was daydreaming. So you don't think it will spider all the mail databases and delete the note?
I'm sure that it will be able to spider through the databases. But, I think users should probably be aware that "recalling" the memo may not mean that it hasn't yet been read. If it replicates to a local replica before being recalled and that replication isn't set to run again for 10 minutes, then the memo could be read by the recipient. I think that, via replication, it will definitely be able to remove the note. But users should be aware that they shouldn't send something they may regret. Of course, if it's an accidental "send" the user could just recall it before the router handles it. No biggie there. But if the button is clicked after a few minutes, beware! :)
This is a reasonable assumption that if you made a mistake in sending, someone could read before you recall. It's nice that this feature will limit the amount of backlash if you realize your note will cause confusion and you'd like to recall. Hopefully, you can recall before your whole distribution list thinks your wacky and you have to explain yourself. How many times have you done things in test and emails go out accidently? We use some code to try and prevent this, but sometimes it happens. Would be nice to recall those.
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